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Performer/Artistic Director

From Montreal, Qc, Canada

As a dancer & performer, Tanya grew up in the modern street styles of the city and trained several years in hip hop, commercial styles, dancehall fusion, lyrical, contemporary and jazz.

She perfected her skills and built up experience around North America and Australia. She has been performing for diverse media events & shows and competed for several years in diverse dance competition events.

In 2016, she was part of "The Wild" crew from Studio Party Time; winning 1st place at World Of Dance New Jersey in mega crew division.

Tanya started teaching her passion for dance at a young age back in Canada. She also directed & created dance shows which she has a strong eager for.

“I love creating pieces in different styles! I am first inspired by music, then the style and movements I perform are naturally selected by how I feel about that particular sound.”

Tanya is now established in Bali Indonesia, teaching various dance styles, choreographing & performing all across the island.

Tanya Bourgeois-Cayer: Team Members
Tanya Bourgeois-Cayer: Quote

" Technique & skills are fundamental to become a strong dancer. But the essence carried and the emotion expressed by a dancer is what makes them stand out & be remembered! "

Tanya BC

Tanya Bourgeois-Cayer: Headliner


A Look Into Her Art

Tanya Bourgeois-Cayer: Pro Gallery
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