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From La Ciotat, France

Morgane started dancing when she was 4 years old and never stopped since then. Her early understanding of the music and her ability of replicating moves gave her the tools to perfect herself  as a dancer. 

Deeply versatile and perfectionist, she has always been passionate about performing in different type of dance styles, from modern jazz to lyrical, JFH, cabaret and heels. 

“The feeling you get when you on a stage is just incomparable to any other feeling, you put your costume on and you can be whoever you want to be”.

Teaching her peers while performing made her realized that she wasn’t just thrilled to perform and that she needed to share her skills and create dance pieces for others allowing them to express themselves. 

Originally from France, and after 4 years in Sydney studying dance teaching management, Morgane had decided to move to Bali in 2018 seduced by the creative energy and spirituality of the Balinese people.  Her travels in different countries, meeting different people and embracing new cultures over the years made her accomplish her dream of becoming a dance teacher and choreographer.

Morgane Havard: Team Members
Morgane Havard: Video


A Look Into Her Art

Morgane Havard: Headliner
Morgane Havard: Pro Gallery
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