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From Rome, Italy

Corinna, born in Rome with a wanderer soul, has always believed that movements would better express her emotions and thoughts more than words. As a shy girl the dance studio has always been her little world where to speak a different language, until, after practicing different styles such as contemporary, street jazz and commercial she moved to London to experiment and improve. Corinna has been teaching and performing between Rome and London, in theatre’s shows, media and music events until she decided to dedicate her dance to a more private and experimental environment. 

Corinna Capponi: Team Members

“Dancing is a mystic language that can mutate while healing the soul through the body that only delivers the message. Dance is the magic that happens when you free yourself from prejudice and comparisons, connect with your self and let it all go” .

Corinna Capponi

Corinna Capponi: Quote


A Look Into Her Art

Corinna Capponi: Headliner
Corinna Capponi: Pro Gallery
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