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Andrea is a 23 year old dancer/ freestyler, born and raised in The Netherlands.  She is interested in every form of art and is trying to find a creative way to combine them all.  Right now the focus is on dance and videography. Andrea’s main dance styles are House, Hip Hop, Dancehall  and freestyle.  As a little girl she started with ballet, but found out that she feels more at home in the hip hop culture. At the age of 19 Andrea started to join at the Amsterdam School of  the Arts. There she tried to combine her contemporary and urban skills into her own style. At this time she realised that freestyle is something she most loves to do, as it makes her feel to be more aware of living in the present. Freestyling gives her a sensation of creativity and spontaneity, while improving musicality. Playing the piano has helped her with musicality and rhythm. At school she learned the foundations of hip hop, house, locking, popping, ballet, jazz, uk jazz and contemporary. In 2018 Andrea moved to Bali and got introduced by Dancehall. Currently, in The Netherlands, she continued practicing dancehall with Junction Crew  and went deeper into practicing house.  Next to, that she loves to dance urban choreographies and is fast by learning them. Andrea has done various commercials and shoots  for Footlocker, Jordan and Nike regarding modelling and dancing.

Andrea Alvarez: TeamMember
Andrea Alvarez: Video


A Look Into Her Art

Andrea Alvarez: Headliner
Andrea Alvarez: Pro Gallery
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