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A closer look into the show

This performance personifies Platform Dance's diverse range of creatives, colliding a myriad of dance stylings from hiphop to contemporary, wacking to jazz. We follow Kamau Abayomi's everyman character through surreal, theatrical landscape as he grapples with themes of control, transformation, anxiety, and balance.

Two Acts production. 1h30 duration

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UNFOLD3 Playbill: About Us
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Kamau's Spoken Words

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"I mean I get it, 
Love is Love...
We should respect our parents...
We should respect our religion...
God's law right?
Love is Love right?

(GHOST paces back and forth)

Love can't be blind
Love must allow me see
Was my family the one
trying to blind me from me?

I mean I get it,
They Love their children
And only seek to protect

(GHOST stops)

What's the point,
if that kind of Love 
results in son's death?
In a daughter 
Rope around the neck,
taking her last breath
How is it Love,
If there isn't even respect?
If no one can accept?
I Love my family,
community, God...


(GHOST massages what seems to pain a pain in his chest)

...Look at me now.

(He looks up and around to address some mystery force)

Aye, this shit is too deep for me right now, can't we see something more fun?"


Cold War

A chaotically meditative moment
With sedative zoning
I stop and listen
Mission in a state of knowing
Innovative moments
Demonstrate the glowing
Exploring my aura
I see I can't afford to
Be my opponent
I concede I ain't knowing
If my eyes wide shut
And my thoughts are dormant

I caught a bonus
Was taught a must lesson
I trust blessings from heaven
Because my blunts 
didn't stop the stressing

In the field section, I was shot
Because the block was hot
And my empowerment 
was feared by the cops
See the circus of the plots
Locked my birds in a flock
Unable to escape when death knocked

The clock winds down for all of us
In the depths of the drama,
Something deeper is calling us

A mystery of life 
In the dark and the light
Sometimes the glorious growth
is in the bark and the bite.
Balanced by kisses
Accept or dismiss it
Harmony or dissonance
This dance is infinite

Experience eternity right now

Give space
No worries about how....


Super Funk Mess

Within the mysteries of the mess 
is the history of bless
Sing and dance
Dance and sing
Bringing life to life
Infinite Love even in strife
It may get very dark 
So I ask you
Will you find your light?

UNFOLD3 Playbill: Text
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